About Us


Hello! I’m Eleri, the face behind madebyvalkyrie. 

A year and a half ago I dropped out of uni and decided to pursue a career, working for myself, as a social media manager. It was a job that taught me loads but it didn’t feed my creative soul in the way that I needed it to.

And then madebyvalkyrie was created (Valkyrie comes from my boyfriend’s bestfriend calling me the wrong name by accident, instead his favourite character from apex legends :) 

It’s a place for me to let my creativity run wild and there’s nothing I love more than being able to share pieces of my creativity with you.

It’s so important to me that all of my ceramics are handmade and hand painted by me using top quality materials which means each piece is slightly different and unique. You really do get one of a kind.

I’m also really passionate about being sustainable and having a small impact on the world so all of my packaging is either recycled, recycleable, compostable or biodegradable which is something I’m really proud of!

I hope you enjoy using your pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.

Treasure them forever!

Eleri x

What we offer

All our products are handmade and handpainted by me, Valkyrie, with more love than you could imagine.
All of our materials are locally sourced from small businesses to keep our impact on the world as small as possible, whilst supporting other small businesses.
All of our packaging from the boxes, to the peanuts, to the tape and stickers we use are either recycled, recycleable, compostable or biodegradable so please re-use where you can or dispose of it responsibly to do your bit too! :)